Why Divorce is Not Always the Answer

By on 6-22-2017 in Divorce

When you get married, you think and hope that the relationship lasts forever. But sadly, not everybody has a fairytale ending. Some marriages involve domestic violence, infidelity, and other controversial issues, and many times they end with divorces.

There may be legitimate reasons to get a divorce, but it is important to point out that divorce is not always the answer to your troubled marriage.

It may be an emotional reaction

The decision to file for divorce does not come overnight. Usually, it comes after an infinite number of disagreements and toxicities. If you have made the decision immediately, stop for a moment and consider that maybe it is just an emotional reaction because you are hurt.

It may further develop hard feelings

According to the website of Marshall & Taylor PLLC, divorce may involve a variety of issues, including alimony, child custody and support, and property division. These issues may lead to heated arguments, make the separation process more personal and hurtful not just for the spouses, but also for the children involved.

It may greatly affect the children

Going separate ways also have a negative effect on children. This is particularly true on instances where the involved children are in their development years. Boys are likely to go on rebellious phases and girls on emotional detachment phases.

Children may also think that they are part of the reason why their parents are separating, resulting into emotional and psychological responses such as lack of self-worth.

It may be a serious financial burden

Family courts and divorce lawyers are not free, and their fees may easily skyrocket if the divorce involves disagreements on aspects such as alimony and the other legal concepts stated earlier. The thing is, it is likely that there are disagreements, so it is not hard to believe that your divorce will cost you a lot of money.

It may be worse than you think

You may have fantasies of being alone or being with someone else every time you and your spouse have a disagreement, but once you complete the divorce process, living the single life may not be as fun as you think. Divorced individuals are known to develop emotional and psychological issues, including depression and escapism, such as overeating and overworking.

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