What is the Difference Between Hardscaping and Landscaping?

By on 5-24-2019 in Landscaping

You’ve likely seen the beautiful products of professional landscaping and hardscaping. But you probably cannot distinguish between the two.

You also probably think the specificities of outdoor/exterior design are not important to you. However, most people utilize third parties to take care of the features in their front and back yards. And when you are discussing potential additions or redesigns of your back and front yard, you need to know the correct terminology to ensure that your dream lawn is realized.

Landscaping refers to outdoor features that are living or need nurturing to stay alive. Even the rarely-watered cactus is considered a tool which landscapers can utilize to bring to life your planned yard. Anything that can die, turn brown, or go rotten is landscaping.

Hardscaping, of course, refers to all of the other features in an exterior design that are living. Elements like walkways, rocks, lighting, water features, and more are used by lawn service or (confusingly titled) landscaping companies to accompany your beautiful lawn and foliage.

Advantages of Landscaping

The benefits of landscaping taking center stage in your exterior design are numerous. Most important for the climate-conscious consumer, is that landscaping components in a yard or lawn are likely not contributing to pollution or energy consumption — unlike electric lights or water features in hardscaping.

In fact, landscaping features often contribute to the local ecosystem through the addition of plants (and thus, insects or small wildlife). That the flowers smell beautiful and the trees’ fruits are tasty may not hurt, either.

Advantages of Hardscaping

Hardscaping is just as important as landscaping, lest you want your garden to look like Mother Earth had a fit when designing your plot of land. Water features can add tranquility and peace to a rambling brush of a backyard. And stone pathways can guide guests through a garden in a way no other walkway can!

While water features with small fountains may cost money to operate (and may make some noise depending on the type of fountain and motor), they can truly be a point of pride in an otherwise average garden.

Decks are also considered hardscaping. These can be incredibly ornate or intensely simple. One of the advantages of decks is how classy they can make an outdoor space seem, despite being just a (typically) shaded platform for people to gather on and enjoy company outdoors.

Why You Need a Professional

Some people are tempted, in order to cut costs, to try and install landscaping and hardscaping services as amateurs. I can understand the appeal of small projects like putting in the soil for a garden. But for large, laborious projects like installing a pathway or a water feature, it is undoubtedly a better idea to leave it to the professionals.

Messing up a water line can damage your foundation or lead to serious issues down the road. And a simple mistake in a deck installation can lead to injuries or costly repairs. Professional companies like Daybreaker Landscapes have experience in hardscaping and landscaping installation, in addition to maintenance or repairs. Check them out if you are interested in the benefits of these features!

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